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Vision of Baolong
Become high-quality mechanical and electrical supplier for world's top five hundred companies.
Established in mechanical and electrical components manufacturing, Baolong provides auxiliary products with reasonable price and high quality for world's top five hundred companies by continuous technology improvement to receive a win-win situation.
Sustainable operation / Rapid growth
Baolong is always pursuing high-speed, healthy and steady growth. Prevent management risk effectively by gradual mechanism improvement to realize sustainable operation and longevity in the industry.
Career platform for employee enhancement
Baolong pursues mutual growth of employees and enterprise. At the same time of enterprise development, employees earn the return of ability enhancement and competitiveness. Rapid growth of enterprise provides a career platform of continuous growth space for employees.

Mission of Baolong

Constantly promotes mechanical and electrical manufacturing technology development.
Established in mechanical and electrical components manufacturing, Baolong enhances enterprise core competitiveness by continuous manufacturing conditions and technology improvement, at the same time makes contribution to
mechanical and electrical components manufacturing comprehensive competitiveness of our country.

Core Value of Baolong

Based on quality, emphasize on credit, eager for change, value performance
Based on quality
Quality is the survival base of Baolong. To provide qualified products for customers long-term and steadily is the consistent responsibility and mission of Baolong staff.
Emphasize on credit
Strictly abiding by contracts and keeping promises is the consistent operation principle of Baolong also the basic principle of Baolong staff.
Eager for change
In the rapid and changeable market environment, only by continuous innovations in product technology, management and business pattern can an enterprise win. Baolong regards transformation as an opportunity, tries best to build a management environment of innovation encouragement.
Value performance
Only continuously create profit can an enterprise develop. Baolong attaches importance to synchronous increase of turnover and profit and regards it as the most important index of employee performance assessment, measures performance by result.

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